[Tutorial] A Crazy Simple Yet Amazingly Powerful Review Strategy You Can Easily Implement for Clients

In this video, James Martell shares a crazy simple yet amazingly powerful review strategy you can easily implement for clients. He also includes links to the two tools shared in the video.

James also shares the email template he used to generate 1,000+ ratings and reviews a client. You can quickly and easily customize it for your clients.

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Promotional Tools

  • Google Review Link Generator – A free tool to easily find your client’s business and generate a unique Google Review link for them. They can then share the short URL with their customers to grow your Google reviews.
  • Review Handout Generator – A free tool to create Printable instructions your client can hand to happy clients with instructions for how to leave a Google review, on desktop and mobile. Customized for your business.

Email to Request Reviews

This is email template James includes in his client’s email autoresponder series to generate ratings and reviews. You can quickly and easily customize it for your clients.

Subject Line: What Do You Think?

Hi _________,

It’s [Client Name] here.

At [Company Name] we always want to be at your service and provide you with the best [Products or Services] experiences in Cambridge, Ontario.

If you’re satisfied with our service, one of the best kinds of compliments we can receive is an online review from you! 🙂

If you are not satisfied or have a comment or suggestion on how we can get better, please email me directly at [Email Address.

Did you know…

Most people now search for local establishments such as ours online at Google and we’d love it if you would write a little something about us there.

It’s easy, takes only minutes and will help us out tremendously with getting the word out!

If you have a Google account (I.e. Gmail), click on:

[insert link]

If you have a Facebook account click on:

[insert link]

We truly appreciate your support and thank you for being part of the [Company Name] family.

That’s all it takes!

Thank you.

Warm regards,

[Owner Name]
[Title], [Company Name]
[Website Address]