[Tutorial] How to Keep Your Clients In the Loop (and Happy) with a Quick Video

In this video, James Martell provides his client with a quick update by video. This is a simple and easy way to save yourself time and keep your client in the loop (and happy) by letting them know things are progressing nicely. The video below is the video James sent to his client.

Run Time: 06:25

*This video was recorded in Zoom.

Basecamp Message

Hi Eric,

I am working on developing a strategy and a simple system for obtaining 5-star ratings and reviews on an ongoing basis, plus the other items on the overall list.

I have included a short video for you to give you a little heads up. We should also plan to have a quick call to discuss what’s in the attached video.

Arlene will reach out to you to organize a time.


PS – The video is 6 minutes long. When you have a moment, please be sure to watch it.  🙂